Friday, April 28, 2017


Contributed by guest writer Sydney Kuller CMT

Edgar Cayce is widely regarded as the Father of Holistic Medicine.  Having the privilege to train at his center in Virginia Beach VA was integral in my approach to being a healer.  This forum provides a perfect opportunity to share some of the Cayce insights to better health for the body, mind and spirit.

Edgar Cayce
 Edgar Cayce strongly emphasized the role of diet and nutrition in achieving and maintaining health. As a rule, his recommendations in this area are consistent with current health trends…  however; his perspective contains much information on less well-known concepts, such as food combining, acid/alkaline balance, and the therapeutic use of food.” (

*More to come next month on diet and nutrition*

Assimilation and Elimination

These two factors play key roles in our bodies’ abilities to utilize or assimilate the nutrients we put into our systems and respectively pass or eliminate the waste matter and toxins out of our bodies.  Our system’s primary form of elimination of food waste and toxins is through bowel movements.  Poor elimination is the most cited cause of dis-ease in Edgar Cayce’s readings, and has a contributing impact in arthritis, colic, colitis, diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, Candida, some forms of cancer, eczema, hernia, indigestion, insomnia, headaches, and halitosis, just to name a few ( ).

There are some simple and healthful methods to assist the body in balancing the digestive system and encourage elimination.  Constipation is the prevalent concern for most individuals, easy, solid bowel movements should occur daily and are one of the best indicators of a healthy digestive system.  One of the most mild ways to ease constipation is through small doses of olive oil.  Recommended use is ½ to 1 tsp taken 2-3 times daily until bowel movements resume.  Massage therapy can also be applied to the abdomen to stimulate the intestines and colon to promote easy bowel movements.  
Abdominal Massage

The Cayce Detox was recommended in hundreds of readings, it is simply a three day apple ONLY diet that Cayce said “would cleanse all toxic forces from any body”.  
3 Day Apple Diet
Another common recommendation for gently cleansing the internal system is through enema or colonic, this internal bath can actually remove the un-eliminated fecal matter that becomes encrusted on the bowel walls which decreases absorption of nutrients and increases unhealthy bacteria and reabsorbing toxins.  
*Please consult with your physician, if you have any health concerns.* 

Full body massage can be a great way of generally re-balancing the system to help digestion.  This helps through increasing circulation to the body, including the abdomen and organs and induces the parasympathetic nervous system.  This is the part of the nervous system that is responsible for our rest and digest response that increases intestinal and gland activity and relaxes the sphincter muscles in the gastrointestinal tract. The benefits of proper elimination include a boosted immune system, improved assimilation and general function of the digestive system, increased hydration, and restful sleep, all contributing to reduce chronic illness and together enabling the body to function in harmony and health.

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